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I engaged Attorney Fiore for my divorce. My ex-spouse hired a big (in name only) Boston law firm that thought they could pressure us with various discovery requests, non-standard positions and they were also unresponsive for over 20 months. Attorney Fiore appropriately advised me through this frustrating process and held firm on the underlying principles of the case. We ultimately prevailed due to her expertise and conviction. More importantly, she is not afraid to tell her clients the truth which is essential for her clients to be well informed.

Keith - 10/27/20

Susan is an amazing lawyer! I can honestly say I am very lucky and blessed to have her as my lawyer! I have been going through a lot with my son's father in court. Susan is very knowledgeable about law practices and very honest about how something may go in your court case. That is what I admire the most about her. She answers questions thoroughly and goes over everything in an understanding way. She is very empathetic about her cases. She follows up with me in prompt manner. Anyone would be very lucky to have her as their lawyer and I highly recommend her. Five star lawyer for sure!!

Warm Regards,

There are a lot of testimonials here about how difficult peoples divorce was and how Attorney Fiore assisted them through that difficult time in their life. I have no doubt they are true. In my case I was fortunate to have Attorney Fiore help me navigate through an extremely difficult divorce in a way that I don't feel any other Attorney would have been able to do. I interviewed 5 Attorney's before selecting Attorney Fiore. When I met her she immediately made me feel at ease and was able to give me straight answers to my questions. She was not out to charge me for every little fee or instance where quite honestly she could have. She if fair, understanding to your situation and ultimately wants to represent you in the best way possible. She communicates and calls when she says she is going to. Attorney Fiore helped me through the Divorce Process, put up with my relentless questions and continued to give me straight facts so I could in turn make the decisions I needed to. She represented me in court professionally and argued my case in a way that put me in a much better position. She was able to do this because of her experience in court and ability to communicate well with the court staff and ultimately the judge himself. I am very, very, grateful that Attorney Fiore took my case. I would HIGHLY recommend her.. Save yourself the time and energy. If you want the best, Attorney Fiore is that person. She did an amazing job representing me!

Ray - 11/17

I highly recommend Attorney Fiore. She did an outstanding job representing me in a much contested divorce case.

I’ve had a few lawyers over the course of my divorce and seen others in action so have a good feel for the qualities I was looking for. Attorney Fiore was recommended by my previous attorney who was no longer doing divorce cases. I met with her once, was comfortable and along with the recommendation, felt she was the right attorney for me. So I hired her without speaking with anyone else. I never looked back!

I’m retired and was looking to have my alimony eliminated. I’ve had a very difficult 30 year divorce that preceded the Alimony Reform Act. Attorney Fiore was able to successfully plead my case by devising a winning strategy to focus on the specific issues of my case and not get caught up in the noise surrounding it.

She was professional in her approach and obviously experienced in the Norfolk Probate Court. I found her to always be available, a good listener, on top of my case (while juggling other cases too), and felt her fees were very fair for the effort she put in.

Bob - 10/17

I had such an amazing experience with Attorney Fiore with my highly contested divorce. It was one of the toughest times of my life. Attorney Fiore made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I would highly recommend her to anyone going through a divorce! She knows her stuff and won't take you for a ride! She gets a 10 out of 10 in my book! Thank you so so much Attorney Fiore!

Kyle - 5/2/2017

If I had a ballot for Massachusetts Attorney of the Year, Attorney Susan Fiore would get my vote!

I retained Attorney Fiore to help me navigate the legal system and explore an uncontested resolution to a divorce/child support modification. Her knowledge, experience, honesty and willingness to listen and understand my situation earned my immediate trust and confidence.

When it became clear that my case was bound for litigation, Attorney Fiore consistently provided excellent advice and guidance, was proactive and dependable, responsive and often put my needs ahead of her own.

Attorney Fiore’s trial strategy was brilliant, and her preparation was meticulous. Her ability to understand and retain even the smallest detail from our numerous discussions was impressive. Sometimes it seemed she knew my situation even better than I did. 

She vigorously and tactfully represented me at trial. The outcome was an overwhelming success that will have a positive long term impact on me and my family for years to come. Additionally, the reasonable and fair legal fees I invested with Attorney Fiore throughout the process provided real value.

Susan’s judgement, integrity, decisiveness, initiative, enthusiasm, unselfishness and loyalty will never be forgotten.

I could not possibly offer a stronger recommendation. You will be in great hands.


Susan Fiore is an AMAZING attorney – by far one of the most competent in her profession! Finding Susan on the internet was definitely an answer to my prayers. I have delayed posting a testimonial on her site because I did not think that I could put into words just how impressed I am with her and her talents. Susan is not only a brilliant attorney but she really cares about her clients and her energy and dedication to her clients is remarkable. Susan exceeded my expectations and went above and beyond on my behalf. Susan is a great communicator. She responded to my emails and my phone calls in a timely manner. Susan is NOT all about the money – she REALLY wants to help and she is extremely effective in her approach. My first phone call with Susan lasted over an hour and she listened to every word I said – I knew I had found the perfect lawyer for me. I had been “beaten down” by a system that I knew nothing about and had just about given up on my fight after having dealt with two previous lawyers who had mishandled my case. Susan is a fighter and she will NOT give up on her clients. I am so grateful for all her hard work and dedication to my cause and she did a fabulous job in handling my SSDI case and was effective in getting me my disability benefits without ever having to go to a hearing – which is almost impossible to do! Susan is a Super Lawyer and a life saver and I highly recommend her. Thank you Susan for your dedication to your profession and for the impact you have had on my life!

Sue W.

Attorney Susan Fiore did an excellent job helping me obtain my Disability Benefits after a accident left me unable to work. I obtained her services after my claim was turned down by social security. Attorney Fiore was professional, explained the process in detail, provided helpful advice and was successful in obtaining my benefits." I highly recommend her "

Joseph Silva

Sue Fiore is a “super-lawyer” in every sense of the word. She has proven to me what a goal oriented professional, with a positive, can-do attitude can achieve. She is a winner and I was lucky to have her as my representative. Thank you. Sue Fiore is a “bull-dog for the under-dog” as I was. She saw the injustice I was facing, named it and fought it with determination and perseverance. I consider myself lucky (and brilliant to have chosen her!) to have had her as my counsel. Thank you.

Diane Higgins

When I sought the help of Attorney Susan Fiore, I was at a very low point in my life. I had been beaten down by the system. Nobody was REALLY listening to me. And it was more than frustrating. My employer, Union, Doctors and all the powers that be, were hearing only what they chose to hear.

I always felt if someone would just LISTEN to me, things might begin to go my way. Attorney Fiore listened patiently and attentively to EVERY word. And there were many words. As I was at the end of my rope, it took a lot of patience and compassion, on her part. She truly listened to me, and using her legal expertise, stood up, for ME, and made sure that they ALL listened.

If you are at the end of your rope, feeling that if only someone would truly listen and therefore have a real UNDERSTANDING of my case, then Susan Fiore is the Attorney for you.

She is NOT like all the rest. She CARES. She was an answer to our prayers. She saved my family and me from ruin, through no fault of my own, for which I'll be forever grateful. Thank You Attorney Fiore and God Bless You.

John B and Family
Boston, MA

I cannot begin to describe the support and advice I received from Susan during a very hostile and ugly divorce. She was available to me whenever I needed her and always went the extra mile! Her fees were very reasonable and she traveled from Sharon to Salem to be at my side. I cannot thank her enough!

Lynn, MA

Thank you so much Susan for winning both of my cases regarding my child. I highly recommend Susan she is a hard worker, very responsive and knowledgeable. If the circumstances arise that I need help again, she is the first call I will make.

Quincy, MA

I will always be grateful to Susan Fiore. Her dedication and professionalism gave me the comfort I needed during a stressful situation. I would highly recommend her representation.

Franklin, MA

Susan......Thank you for your professional help...your knowledge of the law and friendly personality.... it was a pleasure having you represent me......

Chelmsford, MA

Thank you, Susan, for your excellent work on my behalf. Your expertise, energy, dedication and kindness make me so glad that you are on my side!

Sharon, MA

Susan was attentive, patient and available when I needed to talk. She provided outstanding service throughout my divorce. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Newton, MA

Susan's advice, support, knowledge, and kindness made an otherwise difficult period in my life manageable and less stressful. Susan is honest, available and gets the job done.

Foxboro, MA

Susan, thank you for being such a professional during my divorce case. This case has been very difficult to deal with and you have been very helpful and kind.



Just a short note to thank you for all your hard work concerning my disability. Win, Lose Or Draw I can't believe the effort required to get things done with Social Security.

Thanks Again.


Thank you for all of your help with my divorce. You were very comforting during this time and helped me feel at ease. I will highly recommend you to my friends or anyone looking for a great attorney.

Randolph, MA